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Delivering outstanding customer service

bankmecu uses a number of measures to monitor our customer service performance:

  • Service centre performance. On average, the National Service Centre answered 20,973 telephone calls per month, or 973 each day. The staff answered 87.2% of calls within 40 seconds, exceeding our service standard of 80%.
  • Ease of doing business. Eighty-three per cent of customers who purchased a new product said the ease of doing business with bankmecu was either excellent or good. By contrast, 5.2% thought it was poor or very poor. This result tended to relate to more complex products and we are considering how to address the matters these customers raised.
  • Complaints. The Bank maintains a register of complaints that details our response to complaints. We use it to identify trends and instigate appropriate actions to prevent systemic issues arising. Complaints are also reported to the Board. We received 268 complaints in 2014, which was similar to the 266 received the previous year. Complaints related to cards (18.7%), internet banking (11.6%), service (10.1%) and lending (9.7%). Since 2010, the number of complaints has almost halved, with falls in complaints about fees and charges, and internet banking being the most significant.
  • Compliments. We received 224 compliments in 2014, more than double the number received last year. We received 132 compliments about customer service.
  • Feedback. Customers use social media and bankmecu Central to offer their views and suggestions for improvement. We received suggestions about internet banking (45), general matters (42), cards (7), and statements (5).