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Ensuring supply chain/
partnership integrity

bankmecu‘s approach to responsible banking extends to our supply chain, including suppliers of office equipment and supplies, printed materials, service centre fit-outs and office refurbishments. Where possible, we encourage our suppliers to adopt more sustainable business practices. We assess the sustainability performance of large suppliers as part of any tender process. This year we incorporated these criteria into two large tenders. The first was for works on our Moe Service Centre roof and air conditioning system (to be awarded) and the second was for fitting out our relocated Canberra Service Centre.

We recognise there is more work to do to influence smaller suppliers.

Paper and stationery

Paper and stationery are among our largest consumables. bankmecu has a centralised stationery ordering system and we endeavour to purchase recycled products where possible:

  • 20.1% of purchased paper in 2014 had 100% recycled content, compared with 7.1% in 2013
  • 78.3% of purchased paper in 2014 had 80% recycled content, compared with 92.1% in 2013
  • 1.4% of purchased paper in 2014 had 10% recycled content, compared with 0.8% in 2013
  • 62.9% of purchased stationery had recycled content in 2014, compared with 65.0% in 2013. The reduction reflected an unusual once-off stationery purchase for the GABV conference.

eStatement take up

The number of customers receiving eStatements more than doubled in 2014, as customers converted to internet banking. eStatements currently save the bank almost $450,000 and approximately 777,000 sheets of paper a year, compared with hard copy statements.